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PRESS RELEASE Akasha URHOBO signs a long term deal with NIKE and renews her long time partnership with Babolat and ICL Academy.

01/15/24, Jacksonville, FL.

MNO Tennis is proud to announce the commitment of next gen tennis player Akasha URHOBO with the world well known apparel manufacturer NIKE

Starting 2024, Akasha will sport NIKE colors on and of court. She will also wear Nike shoes

Babolat also extended its support with Akasha and renewed their historic partnership. Akasha has been playing with a Babolat racquets and strings since she was 5 years old. 


Akasha, 16 years old, has been playing the pro tour since 2022 and participated in selected Junior tournaments ending 2023 with a semifinal at the Orange Bowl.

January will start with 3 pro tournaments in Naples (FL)  and Vero Beach (FL).

Akasha is a full time student at the ICL Academy and will be graduated with the Class of 2025.

About MNO Tennis 

Brian Tunick, Founder and CEO of MNO: "I created MNO to support young tennis players and help them to develop their full potential. We are proud to support Akasha URHOBO on her tennis journey. MNO Tennis will organize 3 tournaments on the ITF Tour in 2024, giving the opportunity to players to grab their first ATP or WTA points."

About Nike

Nike, a global athletic footwear and apparel brand, epitomizes innovation and performance in sports. With a rich history of empowering athletes and a commitment to sustainability, Nike continues to redefine the sports industry. 

About Babolat

Babolat, a renowned tennis equipment manufacturer, stands at the forefront of cutting-edge racket technology and sports innovation. With a legacy spanning over a century, Babolat's commitment to precision and excellence has made it a trusted choice among tennis enthusiasts globally. 

About ICL

Kirk Spahn, Founder and President ICL Academy: « ICL Academy is proud to support Akasha URHOBO, to support the growth of junior tennis and the development of future champions. Getting a chance to provide players with a personalized virtual education that allows them to focus on their training and competition, while still receiving an unparalleled academic experience is something we are very proud of at ICL.».

More about Akasha

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